Is Eraser as secure as DBAN?

JJ Johnson

New Member
Normally I use DBAN to wipe a hard drive, but I don't currently have a free computer on which I could boot and run DBAN. Is Eraser as secure and as thorough as DBAN in wiping a drive? I had always heard that you cannot securely wipe a hard drive from software running within Windows.
Think of eraser as something you use at the file level. DBAN is more for wiping the entire disk partitions and all.

With eraser you can wipe the disks beyond C:\ completly but not c:\ as you cannot wipe the OS while its running.
That makes sense, and it's what I'd expect from an application that has to work within Windows and use its system calls, without the ability to get 'underneath' the OS.

But the original question remains: Would you consider the data on that disk to be as securely erased as if you had used DBAN?