Is Eraser messing up the file table on my second hard drive?


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Am having repeated fatal hard drive errors which I think is related to Eraser. Now I've used Eraser for years, but only recently upgraded to the latest version (5.86.1 for 32-bit WinXP) in the last couple months. Since then, I have received this fatal error 3 times:

D:\ is not accessible
The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

I have 2 internal hard drives, and the fatal error always occurs on the auxilary drive, which is just used for file storage. The first time this happened, I just assumed the drive was old, and replaced it with a new WD 500GB drive. (primary C:\ drive stayed the same, but was reformatted) A month later, I received the fatal error again so I exchanged the new hard drive. I have now received the error for a 3rd time (this time on the new exchanged drive). I think this might be Eraser related because:

1. Eraser is the only program I have really upgraded. I use this system for very light stuff (internet, MS Office, listening to music) and the only other program that has been upgraded in the last few months is iTunes, which only references the auxilary drive for music files. Additionally, the auxilary drive is only used for file storage -- no programs are executed from this drive.

2. The second time I received the fatal error, it was immediately after I erased a file on the auxilary hard drive. At that point, I assumed Eraser might have a bug with erasing files and on a second internal drive, so I stopped using Eraser on the aux drive. (unfortunately that didn't prevent this from happening a third time) This third time it happened, I was in the process of erasing IE files.

Oh, and in all instances, the corrupted hard drives pass the hardware to me something is just corrupting the MFT... I have all my drives formatted NTFS.

Any help or insights would be appreciated. (my apologies for the long post!)