Is IEXPLORE.EXE an Eraser file?


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I'm running Eraser 5.7 and I've discovered a file that's using a lot of resources. Search found the file, Iexplore.exe, in C:/Program Files/Internet Explorer, in C:/Windows /$NTService Pack Uninstall$, and in C:/Windows/ServicePack Files/i386.

I don't think it's a Windows file (I have Windows XP Home edition). Is it an Eraser file?


It is Internet Explorer. If you don't currently have it open, then it shouldn't be showing up in Task Manager. If you do have it open, then that is why it is showing up.
Thanks! It shows up as a process in Task Manager, sometimes using more than 50% of the resources... when Internet Explorer isn't running! It seems to me there's something wrong there. Guess my next stop is Microsoft.

Thanks again for your help...