Is it possible to use Eraser to Erase/format SD cards?


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For a university project I'm managing, some trainees are involved in recording video footage on SD cards. We have all the correct permissions etc for data storage in secure settings, but need to find a way to securely delete the raw footage from the SD cards as these cards themselves are not password protected. Can anyone tell me if Eraser can help with this? When we've tried so far, it won't allow us to wipe files while the SD card is still in the camera, connected via USB to a laptop running Eraser. But if we put the SD card into a card reader, for some reason the laptop wants to format the SD card, which presumably will make it impossible to access the file storage system later for Eraser to identify and wipe the file.

I was wondering if Eraser can somehow securely reformat an SD card in a card reader so that all footage can be irretrievable?