Is it safe to use Eraser in safe mode?


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I'm running W2k Pro.
I've thought about running Eraser, for unused space cleanup, in safe mode, in order to speed things up.
It seems that it would be safe, but I don't know.
Is it safe?
I use Eraser 5.7.
Safe? Yes (at least on an XP Pro system running 5.7).

But faster? No. A lot slower, here. I don't know why, but doing scans in "Safe" mode here - not just with Eraser but with just about every program I've got that "scans" - is horribly slow. (Which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, unless there's a driver that doesn't get started in "Safe" mode that all these programs need).

Sorry I can't be of more help. Pete
definately slower in safe mode. My guess is that some things that need to be loaded to speed up things aren't loaded.

A cluster tip wipe in safe mode is recommended every now and then, as fewer files are locked. But for optimum performance / speed I would suggest doing the actual unused space wipe in ordinary mode.
I've done a freespace wipe in safe mode, it takes 40 hours for my 2x120 gig HDs. If you try it, plan not to use the computer for 2 days.