Is it working?


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I installed Eraser this afternoon without a hitch. However I don't know if it's working properly.
my first task was a folder with aboyr 20 word docs, I set it on manual, couldn't find an "Start" button so
I closed and reopened Eraser and when I clicked on Erase schedule the tasks were no longer there it says "Tasks exicuted manualy".this was after a few minutes. I couldn't find any progress bar. My hard drice sounds like it's still spinning and no results confirmation page has materilized. However the file is gone from "My Documents". I don't want to turn off anything until I know the following:
#1 Is it still working?
#2 Did it work?
#3 How can I be sure?
#4 how will I know when the over wright is done?
if the folder disappeared, eraser probably did it. I believe by default if a task runs successfully, it will remove itself from the list. you could always download something like Recuva to scan your computer to see if the files are recoverable or not.