Is One Pass Enough?



I'm a newbie to all this so please be gentle!

I downlaoded Eraser yesterday to do a final clean on a laptop running win98se. I have previously used Spy Bot S&D and CCleaner to eradicate SpyWare etc and tracks left on the hard drive from web surfing and used Eraser's unused space utility to finally eradicate these tracks.

I used the pre defined settings for this which I understand is:-

Pseudorandom Data (1 pass)

The process completed in less than an hour (cleaning less than 1gb of space) and having cluster tips checked.

After this I uninstalled Eraser, Spy Bot etc and left the machine as it (hopefully) would have been when new (!?).

So my question(s)

1) Will 1 pass be enough (my understading is that Spy Bot uses 'shredding' when cleaning track marks) to make web tracks unrecoverable?

2) After uninstalling Eraser the icon in the system tray (think that's what it's called where the clock is) is still there when you reboot - is there a way of removing this icon?

Thanks for you time in reading this - all help greatly recieved.

I`m not quite sure of the level of privacy/security you seek,but from the description you give,it seems just a tidy up,and should be OK.
To sanitize Windows completely is quite involved and some would say not entirely possible,,but providing any 3rd party inspection is not by a nosy and highly computer literate person,I would not worry!
Kevin Solways free application at:
will enable you to check your hard drive.
BTW,does not rt. clicking and "delete" on the Eraser ikon do the trick?