Is the OS (XP) erased?


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I've read through various questions but don't understand a basic thing about this program. If Eraser is run within XP, does it just delete/erase all non-system files and folders - the files that have private information - and leave XP intact? I'm selling a computer for my father that has just a few files and pictures on it and he can't find the XP install disc. Every topic I've looked at isn't clear to me as to whether the OS is removed and has to be reinstalled.
Eraser cannot remove the OS on which it is running; indeed, it cannot erase any protected System files. If you erase all personal files, uninstall software programs for which you do not want to transfer the licence to the new owner, run disk cleanup, and then run a free space wipe, you should be reasonably safe. But do check very carefully what you are leaving on the machine

sonic10 said:
Free space wipe? Is that part of Eraser?
It certainly is :D

Call up Eraser Help, which is a PDF manual, and read the relevant bits of that.