Is there a full feature version available for sale?


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I like what I have seen with the free version on Eraser 5.7 that I downloaded from ZDNet. Is there a full feature version for sale? The item on your home page that costs U$20.19 does not say what it actually is so I must ask this dumb question.

AbbyD - The $20.19 you're seeing there is a donation request to help fund developement of the program. Eraser is "donationware", meaning that you can use the program for free, but that donations are gratefully accepted.

There is no difference, to my knowledge, between 5.7 free and 5.7 that you donate to - any and all versions of the program are "full-featured" whether you donate or not. Pete
Full version?


The reason I asked was the version I downloaded from ZDNet has 5 blank icon placeholders just below the menu bar. My version 5.7 has only three small icons visible: New Task. About and Help.

The user manual shows pictures of other icons but the 5.7 version I have doesn't.

You have to click to high-light the task to get some of those other icons to work, Abby. Also, the "stop" button's not going to go active unless Eraser is actually doing something at that moment. Play with it and think about it (and RTM). Pete