Is there a non-blocking/LOW Priority option for 'erase unuse


When I perform an "erase unused space" operation with Eraser
then this operation consumes a lot of CPU power (~90%)
over a long period of time (~30 minutes on a 100 GB hard disc)
Furthermore it blocks the whole Windows Explorer.

I would appreciate if I could run Eraser as background task with LOW priority (automatically - not by explicitely lowering the priority in Task Manager)

Is there such an option?

Maybe it should be included in future version of Eraser.
why would you want to run Eraser in the background with a low prority? Do you want to use the computer at the same time?
I do a freespace wipe at night when the computer is not used, I also kill all non-essential process so Eraser can get at more of the locked files. You can't do that and use the computer at the same time.
Is it really advisable to run an "Unerase free space" over night?

As I had to notice Eraser take a lot of resource even if I run it to delete a (big) directory tree.

Why is it not possible to include a background-low-priority erase option?
To unlock some of the files in the could not erase list, the could not erase list means the computer locked those files because they're in use by the computer. Killing those processes means the computer wont be running those programs and eraser can clean the cluster tips of those programs.