ISAAC instead of Mersenne Twister?




I wanted to ask whether it is possible to implement the ISAAC PRNG instead of the Mersenne Twister. ISAAC is fast as well and much more secure. While the Mersenne Twister PRNG data can be efficiently analyzed with the Berlekamp-Massey algorithm or Reed-Sloane algorithm, ISAAC is still secure, though there exists an attack (cannot be performed in a reasonalbe time).

Recently, I did some short review of secure erasure of hard disks.

best wishes, viper
ISAAC could be added to added to DBAN, the prng function prototype in dwipe is simple. TIGER has also been requested.

There are many features that I want to add, but time is scarce because I have a day job.

Your page has useful links and commentary.
hello dajhorn,

thank you for the immediate reply :)
no problem if it takes some time. your program is already one of the best data privavcy tools out there!

Thx a lot for your great work :D

greets, viper
If I may comment; while Tiger is one of the faster hash functions, it's still probably too slow to overwriting. For example, Eraser uses Tiger for mixing the entropy pool used to seed ISAAC, which is used for overwriting.