It didnt delete 13 gigs of what it put on there :(



When I started, my used and unused was about equal. Now, used is about 13 gigs greater. Eraser said it would get rid of everything after I was done.. But even after a reboot, nothing has changed >:O

When erasing free disk space, Eraser fills your hard drive with temporary files and overwrites them. If the process fails or is interrupted in some way then these files become lodged in a folder called ~ERAFSWD.TMP.
This Folder and the files within are the most likely cause for your loss of space.

Option 1:
Untick cluster tips in Eraser preferences and select a one pass option and run Eraser again. This should return our full freespace allocation.

Option 2:
It could be that either Eraser was terminated abnormally or the system crashed causing the temporary files to be lodged there and the temp Folder (~ERAFSWD.TMP) may have used up your diskspace. You can remove the folder “~ERAFSWD.TMP” and all the files in it to reclaim the disk space
How to find the ~ERAFSWD.TMP Folder to erase it:
1. Open Windows Explorer.
2. Click on View->Options and Show Hidden Files.
Run a Find.
3. If found Erase it.
If you wish to use the command prompt you can type “deltree X:\~ERAFSWD.TMP”, where X is the drive letter

Option 3:
1. Run ScanDisk.
2. Using File Finder in Windows, look for files that were changed around the date/time you ran Eraser. This may find ~ERAFSWD.TMP.
3. Erase it.