iTunes Asking for iPhone Password I Have Never Set

iTunes backup plays an important role among iPhone users and an increasing number of people would like to use iTunes to restore backup. However, problem occurred that many iPhone users complain about being asked for iTunes backup password they have never set when restoring from a backup. If you have the same problem, read through the whole post for more details.

iTunes Asking for iPhone Password I Have Never Set

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If iTunes asks you for an iPhone password you have never set up, and you are prompted to enter a password that contains your iTunes email address directly above the password entry box, the iPad prompts you to log in to your Apple account - your iTunes account . This problem usually occurs after an application download or update is interrupted. You can recover the iPhone backup password through this iTunes asking for iPhone password you have never set post.


When we log in iTunes, iTunes will ask you to enter iPhone password, it's the password same as iPhone screen password, if you forgot the password, you can unlock iPhone without password to reset iPhone. And you can also restore from backup, this time you have password to enter iTunes.


Maybe you forgot iTunes backup password, so you can't restore from iTunes backup files. When we forgot iTunes backup password, we can recover backup password with the help of Eelphone iTunes Backup Password Recovery, it has four type to help you recover lost backup password. You have more information about the iTunes backup password, it's more possible to recover iTunes password.
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