jump drives


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I am using the latest version of Eraser and wiped the free space on two jump drives, a 128 MB and a 512 MB with no problem. I tried wiping free space on a 1 gig jump drive and it seemed to hang a bit, but it did finish, but with the error saying it couldn't remove a file:
I used the one pass method.

When I checked the jump drive, I didn't see that file. I didn't have this problem on the other two drives.

Any ideas? I'm using XP SP2 and my 1 gig jump drive is slow, i.e. it takes a while for the files to display when I plug it in.

I'm trying the jump drives before I get enough nerve to wipe free space on my hard drive without problems.
Hi jwall

ERAFSWD.TMP is a temp file that Eraser uses to overwrite unused disk space. It sounds as if there is a problem with your flash drive to me. Could it have been moved accidentally and so loose connection when running Eraser ?

All I can suggest is to format the flash drive and try again.
I think you may be correct about accidental movement. This drive, as I mentioned, has always been a little slow and doesn't act like my others. Being a newb, I just unplug it from the USB connection when done, again I'm using Win XP SP2. I've been told I can do that rather than use the "Safely Remove".