Junction/link problem with recycle bin?

I did search the forum to see if something like this has been reported - i did not find anything - so forgive me if this is old news...

steps to reproduce:
1) using "send to" add a file to your CD writer drive - (like you want to create a cd of the file) (ex: c:\abc.txt)
2) instead of writing the file to the drive - delete it from the list of files to be written to the drive - (you decided not to make the cd)
3) now using the eraser tool erase the recycle bin
4) attempt to open the original file you wanted to (ex: c:\abc.txt)

my guess is that the files added to the list of files to be written to the cd are links or junctions, when adding it to the recycle bin windows is smart enough to realize the reference is a junction/link and only removes it, but the eraser tool go after the original file.
i see that the bug for symbolic links has been marked as fixed but i've recently come across a situation that is related and is pretty significant. might not be an issue in the future, but it's pretty frustrating currently.

i created a directory symbolic link in vista "mklink /D" and deleted the link using explorer. now, EVERYTIME i erase the recycle bin, eraser nukes the files/folders that the link originally pointed to even though the link was removed a week ago!

so it's like the original poster said, but it's as if the symbolic link is lingering somewhere and eraser keeps finding it.

if you know of a way to fix this i'd appreciate it as it's pointing to a directory that contains source code. it's pretty upsetting when you've made a lot of changes to code that has not yet been checked in and it keeps getting erased. :evil:
Are you using v5 or v6? v5 does not have the bug fixed, only in v6.

version 5.

i saw that it was fixed in version 6 so i've since uninstalled and will wait. i may try the v6 RC. i'm using ccleaner for now.