just a blinking cursor


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Looking for a tip on this one. Using ver. 5.8, erased hard drive on a win98 machine. Managed to restore the o.s. using the CD supplied with the machine, but at the point where Windows would start, the system hangs and seems to be looking for a bootable disk. The CD restore disk is a bootable disk, I think. At this point, the A: drive light is "on" and system says it has found a boot record(IDE-0, OK). All that greets me is a blinking cursor which doesn't allow me to go anywhere and Windowa does not start. I have not made any changes to the BIOS and don't have a bootable disk for use in the A: drive. Kinda stumped here!

Thanks for any suggestions.

my guess is you have used DBAN which is bundled with Eraser, but which has nothing to do with the actual Eraser product itself (I presume its DBAN as you said you wiped the hard drive).

There is a seperate board for DBAN queries, perhaps it might be better to post the query in that forum? The author of DBAN posts regularly in there and may be able to help you or give some advice.