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can you tell me what i need to do to 'start from scratch' with my pc. When i have reformatted and installed win xp home again i havent had to install any drivers. If i use eraser or dban will i need to install the drivers? Also which is better eraser or dban? and what are their differences?

cheers bob 8)
DBAN securely wipes any hard drive it detects on your system. Kind of like a reformat but more secure.

Eraser deletes files off your computer and writes over the file x amount of times (depending which method you use) so it cannot be recovered.

When you install XP from either a DBAN wipe or a normal reformat XP will still install the drivers on your system like it did when you done a standard reformat.

Most of the time people will only need a standard reformat but if you have stuff on your disk like credit card info or address and you don't want people to recover the info I'd suggest you use DBAN.
Right so which is the more thorough cleaner, eraser or dban? i want to wipe everything so the hard disk will be like it is new (although i know that cantbe done i want the nearest possible thing).

help is appreciated bob
You'd have to use DBAN as Eraser doesn't wipe the hard disk, it only wipes files and cleans free space.

Here's a few things to remember.

1. Backup any data you need on a CD or ZIP disk.
2. Make sure you defrag your hard disk before performing a DBAN wipe.
3. Delete any info you don't want anyone else to recover by using Eraser. You might want to use the Gutmann method. Open Eraser and hold down CTRL + E and select Gutmann if not already selected.
4. Insert your DBAN floppy and hit restart. (Make sure any Windows/Linux CDs that are bootable are out of your CD-ROM)
5. After you have reinstalled Windows make sure you use Eraser to clean up the unused free space.

Everything there apart from #4 is optional so you don't have to do it but I'd advise you do it if you a paranoid PC nut like me. :)
thanks alot. I will try this and hopefully it will solve my problems...otherwise i have a fault with harware :cry:

thanks to everybody that posted on this thread help was greatly appreciated bob 8)