Just won`t work


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I`ve just tried the latest Version.

The HDD contains a MS GUID Partition (GPT) I`ve created with a Windows 2003.

My experience as follows:

Load Averages: 2.99 2.97 2.69
Througput: 250000 B/s (and decreasing further!)

Wtf went wrong here?

Im running a Quick Erase on a:
Sempron 3000+ S.754
Asus MB - NF4 Chipset
Seagate ST380817AS
Try the dban-1.0.6 release. Note that the Nvidia nForce 4 chipset is poorly supported, and that the disk is likely running without DMA.
I am using 1.0.6.

Will the Disk run in DMA on a NF3 Chipset?

Note: As the application starts its work, it does that with a 30MB/s counter or something nice alike.