keep working on PC while eraser is running?


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Hi I was wondering is it okay to keep working on my PC while the Eraser is running to clean up the unused disk space? I have two main questions here - (A) What is the risk level of potentially creating any harm?, (B) Will the Eraser cleaning be effective while I am actually working on PC?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Krish - While it's not really spelled out anywhere specifically, it's always best to not be doing other things on your computer while a free-space wipe is running.

The reason is because the less you have running during an Eraser run, the more total files will be not in use, thus allowing Eraser to get into the freespace in more files to erase it.

As far as risk goes, it's problematic at best. I seriously doubt you'd hurt anything, but why take the chance? All I'd expect to see - at most - would possibly be a slow-down of your computer while Eraser was running if you were trying to other things at the same time - or Eraser taking a longer amount of time to finish its' run.

Just run your free-space wipes at night when you're not on the computer (or start it off right before you leave for work), it's more effective and probably faster that way. Pete