Keeps crashing on selecting to erase file


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- Windows XP Prof. sp3
- Eraser v6.0.7.1893

Each time I start Windows or when I choose to erase a file I get the error, "Eraser has encountered a problem and needs to close. ...".

I have uninstall and re-installed Eraser, but no change.

The problem basically occurred when I had a scheduled event and I decided to rename the event. From that point I have been getting the error. This is the only event that I have in mind that could be the cause.

As mentioned I have uninstalled and reinstalled Eraser and the error is still there.

I can provide the error report that I am asked to send to Microsoft.

Here is the Error signature.
EventType : clr20r3 P1 : eraser.exe P2 : P3 : 4bbfca0e
P4 : mscorlib P5 : P6 : 4a7cd8f7 P7 : 219d P8 : 0
P9 :

This issue is usually associated with either a failed installation or a corrupt Task List.

To deal with both possibilities, completely uninstall and remove all traces of any version of Eraser you have had on the machine. The Eraser manual has an appendix which gives the details of how to do this. Then (this is important) delete the file Task List.ersx (if you can't find it, details are in the FAQ). Then run a Registry Cleaner such as the one in CCleaner (which is freeware). In my experience, doing all these things enables you to reinstall Eraser successfully.

Yes, delete the task list to resolve this error.
David & Joel,
Thank you both for your advice.

I deleted the task list and cleared the registry. Erasing files now works with the re-installation of Eraser.

sunspots2002 said:
You're welcome. I agree with Joel that the Task List was the most likely culprit.