Key not in dictionary


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I installed Eraser 6 rc1 last week. When windows starts I get "...Key not in any key to continue" in a DOS window. I installed v6 rc2 this morning and am getting the same message.

Is there something else I need to install?

Did you completely uninstall the old version first ?

Also do you really want your e-mail address as your username ? PM me if you don’t.
You'll get that error if you use Eraser's command line client. Why is Eraser starting with Windows? That was only implemented in rc2.

I just completely un-installed and its working.

Separate issue, when Eraser is running in the system tray, I can't logout nor shutdown Windows unless I exit eraser first.
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I reported this bug on the Eraser Trac some time ago and it has been fixed by Joel. The next release should work for you.

Should you find any more bugs please report them here.