Keyboard not detected?



Hi, I was just recently given the task of reformatting the hard drive of a friend's older computer. I had trouble using the format command with XP's recovery console, so I decided to pop in DBAN. When I booted it up I found that the USB keyboard attached to the computer wouldn't work. I tried using a USB->PS/2 adapter that I had around but that still didn't work after booting into DBAN. Is there some driver that I could include with the boot or what's going on? When I boot into XP the keyboard works fine in the USB port. Thanks in advance.
Run the BIOS setup program and reset all options to default. PS/2 support for USB keyboards might be disabled.

Past that, upgrading the BIOS might solve the keyboard problem and/or improve support for the XP recovery console.

Have you tried another keyboard? If the USB keyboard does not work through the PS/2 dongle, then the keyboard may be bad or mixmatched with a dongle from another device (like a mouse).