Layout could be vastly improved


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Basically, people use this program to erase stuff files or an entire drive. So it would be great to have the first screen just have that on it. Erase now or later. Erase files or the entire drive.
So its all about what you want to erase, when you want to erase it and how you want to erase it.

Many users, especially older people with less than 100% eyesight find that enlarging the font size in Control Panel, Display, Settings, Advanced, DPI helps their visual fatigue but results in the Erasers Settings window not very useful as the text runs into each other. Also the Log File columns never display the correct width. One has to continually drag the column. Why not make the window full screen width by default. Narrow columns that don't deviate in width should be on the left and the other columns that have varying width should be on the right.

When one receives a particular message in the log file why not also display a solution or place to look for a solution? I continually get messages that say I have no access to that file. I have no idea what to do.
What you seem to want is, pretty much, already provided in context menu erasing and/or drag and drop erasing. These are the least complex ways of using Eraser 6, which, in some ways, is better thought of as an add-on to Explorer than as a separate application.

I do agree that the event logging system should ideally be re-designed, and have already raised this issue in the Programming Forum, and it is already covered by a Trac ticket (i.e. is on the 'to do' list). If you have further suggestions, I know Joel would be happy to consider them, but they really belong in the Programming Forum, rather than here.

The layout problems have been fixed in 6.2, which will be released at a later date.