Less Free Space on C


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I've been using this program to delete old files and since using it I have less free space than before. What am I doing wrong?

Did you perform a free space wipe ?

If so did you stop it half way through ?

Try searching your computer for a file called “~erafswd.tmp” and delete it.

Or you could simply run Eraser’s free space wipe again and that should sort it out for you.
I tried that.

I have now went from having 11.0 GB of free space to 2.25...any other suggestions? I'm getting worried.
I searched for ~erafswd.tmp and could not find it. Where might it be located. I will not deny I'm BRAND new to this program. But loosing all this free space has made me very nervous. I didn't stop washing free space I allowed it to work until it finished. I am getting very worried.

APRILJO1 said:
I'm getting worried.

has made me very nervous

I am getting very worried.

Firstly, calm down ! You have only lost some free space and that is only temporary !! :)

“~erafswd.tmp” is usually found in local disk C. Go to your start button, search button, and choose all files and folders then type in “~erafswd.tmp”.

I would think this is the problem. If not try deleting and turning off restore points.

Have you empted your recycle bin ?

Do you have any programs that may be backing things up on the fly ?

Try running Ccleaner available here.
Yeah relax!

Try clearing your system restore history (google it), that may release quite a bit of space as well. Sometimes Windows thinks that the files Eraser uses to clean your disk are system files... and logs it in System Restore.