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I haven't used the GPL license before, so I wanted to run my use-case by you before implementing. I want to use Eraser for commercial purposes, but I need some changes (specifically, in 5.8.8). The way this license works is I can modify the program and distribute it as part of the package, BUT I have to make the updated source available to anyone that wants it. Is this accurate?

Also, as long as I have this thread going: our goal is to completely format a USB flash drive. Originally I had thought that the 'disk drive' option would do this, but it seems to only overwrite unused space on the drive, leaving alone all existing files. Would the correct process to guarantee 100% deletion and non-recovery of files be: 1) delete all files on media (and/or format) 2) once empty, run disk scrub. Does this seem like the 'best I can do'? Should I be renaming files before delete? Note I have read through several pages of the pinned topic at the top of this forum, and I didn't see anyone claim to be able to recover files after a process like the above.