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I encrypted my data disk F: with veracrypt. Eraser was loaded to this disk as was ccleaner. Now when I try to re-install to C drive both insisted on trying to write to F disk and aborted even though I specify to load to C drive ( it can't write anything to F: - drive still shows but as as zero bytes under windows and now mounts to separate veracrypt assigned letter L). I manually edited the registry and removed all references to eraser and ccleaner. This worked for ccleaner which then loaded correctly. Eraser still tries to load to F: drive. So are there other things I need to remove from registry under a different label or will eraser try to write something to any disk attached to the computer in which case it can't be loaded on an encrypted drive.

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Uninstall eraser and then search the registry for eraser - If you installed it to the encrypted drive then the issue is that eraser needs that drive activated to load the com drivers.