local hard drive



I have wiped the unused space on drive C successfully. However I have noticed eraser provides another option - to do 'local hard drive'. What is this? It said it was only 1 kb so I thought I'd do it, but it was taking ages and I started thinking should I be doing it so I stopped it. I thought I only had a drive C
Local hard drives means every disk partition on your system. If you only have one, then it only erases one.
disc partition

ta for that. Sorry for being so thick but what are disc partitions? When I go into my computer it just says drive C. Is there something else I should be erasing?
A partition is where you divide up a large drive into subparts creating new drives.

e.g Your physical disk is 20gig in size
you can have 1 C drive of 20 gig or partition it into 2 drives of 10 gig each
so you have a C and a D drive.