Location Bar in IE


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How can I get rid of the stuff typed into the location bar in IE? Im running the most updated version of IE and winXP. I seem to remember this feature just being a button you could push, but now, even after erasing all cookies, files, and my history (including all my index.dat files) I still cant get rid of locations typed in... am I just missing something?
Also if you want to clear the typed entries for AutoComplete, then goto Internet Tools - Content - AutoComplete and hit the Clear Forms button.

Fiend, of course this is an entirely optional idea, however I use a program called MTU Blaster, and amongst its many functions is an option to clear the Typed URLs for IE, along with the Cookies and Temp Internet Files (with user defined secure overwriting, similar to Eraser), and this it does all in one fell swoop! It can also be scheduled to run at startup, or silently in the background so you dont have to worry about running it manually yourself, if you dont want to.

MTU Blaster can be found here (its freeware):
Yeah, its the autocomplete stuff I was talking about. I do the clear history every time I shut down IE. Thanks for your help.