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Good afternoon all!

At the end of wiping a disk, the program gives me the chance to save the log file if I wish. I did by clicking Enter. It saved the log file. Then, asked me to save the log file again but, this time the name of the log file was dban0001 instead of dban0000. It did this about 15 times with the last file being named dban0014. I didn't continue. I took my disk out and placed it in my PC and checked the content of each log file. It seems that they are the same.

Question: Does this mean that the first log file is all I need to save? Or, is there a reason why it is giving me further log files to save? If it's the latter, how many log files will I have to save?

Question #2: Is there an easy to use program that can verify the success of a data wiping program? I'd love to have a program that can do a diagnostic on the drive to try and find data to verify that the wipe was indeed successful.

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.
I did exactly the same as yourself, kept clicking "enter" and get the same file with slightly different file name. It turned out I only needed to save it the once (if I had wanted to save it: I didn't want to, I thought it was necessary!). That was with my computer with a floppy drive. This one doesn't have a floppy drive and doesn't offer that option.

For Q2: none I can think of, though I'm sure someone may be able to tell you of one. The problem is, if you wipe the drive you wipe the operating system, so the free file recovery programs like restoration and recover4all won't work as far as I can tell.