Looking for VB example to display eraser progress

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:?: I am looking for an example of using VB and eraser that will display the progress during execution. The examples that ship with eraser lack adeqaute documentation or syntax explanations. Does anyone have such a snippet? If so, please send to kenaso@comcast.net

Thank you.
You might want to look at the C++ source code for an example, the process is the same in VB. Basically, you give Eraser a window handle and it will send you messages when progress information has changed. When you receive a message, you query statistics from the library and update your GUI.
Thanks for the input; however, I am not a C programmer. I looked at the C source code and it looked like spaghetti to me. I was hoping someone from the support staff might have an example on their hard drive they would be willingto part with.