Lost allmy unsed space!!!! an can't recover it.


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I have ran eraser many times without an issue.

Yesterday I did a unused space erase, on my C drive which i had done before.

Eraser as always overwrote the unused space and then is suppose to delete that but didnt.
The same errors came up as always, about cluster tips which it cant access, but that in noway was part of the unused space. Now all my unused space is gone and I have noway to recover it.

I have reran it twice, and upgrade to the newest version last night an ran that, and still cant get the space back.

How do you fix that, or find the "file" it has written to delete it. What it has written over the space that is using up my unused space has to file of some kind for the space to shown used.

Any help. without free space my computer is dead.
This issue occurs when eraser has been unable to erase the dummy files created during a freespace erase.

I suggest try to re-run the erase with or search for and delete the hidden directory eraserswp in the root of your drive