Low Level Formatting with Eraser ?


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I dont know if this a dumb question (that's my specialization) :mrgreen: .... but is it possible to do low level formatting with Eraser.
How low-level do you need? If you are saying enough to destroy the file system structures, Eraser 6.0 cannot do it but Eraser 6.2 (experimental) can. 6.2 can go so far as to destroy your boot record.

If you want to do a manufacturer's format, then I think you're out of luck; only manufacturers can do that (hence the name...)
Wow ! That's cool. I was not aware of Eraser 6.2..

Ran British HMG IS5 Baseline 1pass on an old 160GB Seagate and it completed fine taking about 30 minutes.

I really don't know much about low level formatting except it fills zeros as claimed by many providing the tool to do it. Do you know about any detailed documentation about how the zero fill makes a significant improvement ?

Thanks !
No, there shouldn't be any performance improvements when zeroing out a hard disk.