Making a DBAN CD with an edited syslinux.cfg


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Hi, I have reviewed all of the threads on this subject but my problem persists. I would like to have the DBAN cd default to DOD (7 passes) so I tried two things:
1) Edited the syslinux.cfg file on the floppy and made an image of the floppy. This made an .ima file which is not recognized as an image by any burning software nor can be converted to iso.

2) I loaded the .iso image of the dban cd, opened it's .ima file, edited the syslinux.cfg, resaved the .ima file, and resaved the iso file. However, when I use the CD, it ignores my changes and still uses the DOD-short method...

Overwriter said:
Hi stygian16 :)

The DBAN forum is here. This one has been abandoned. :(
Even that forum appears to have been abandoned - no-one has had any queries answered there for over a month. Additionally, a beta version of DBAN was released on April 29 2007 (the previous stable version being released in August 2006) and there's been nothing since - on the surface it seems like the DBAN project has been all but abandoned.