Manual Update Using Check for Updates


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After a quick search of the forum I can't find anything similar to this so am asking out of interest...
I've only juts found Eraser and am extremely happy with what appears to be a great tool.

This morning however, out of interest I clicked the "Check for Updates" and there was a new build of (Current build 22 May 2012 08:12:21)
The new file downloaded, but upon completion, it failed to open and instead brought up the file association window but with no options to 'execute' the downloaded file. The only option available is to close the update panel.
This doesn't even result in an error.

The file attempting to be downloaded was called "download-1" with no file extension.
Not sure what system call Eraser is using to launch that file, but I suspect it's not the regular "launchexe" call.
It's almost as if it's using a browser open function call.

I'm running on Windows 64bit, fully patched, all .Net's current etc etc.
I'd have expected more reports of this error given the number of users, so it might suggest some weird setting specific to my build. I just can't place which... (file association would be one area, but given no extension, I can't see that working on most systems).

Other than that, great product...


I thought I fixed this a few versions ago. What version do you have currently?
I also experience the same thing as the OP with Eraser

Incidentally, why is Eraser saying there is an update ( available via "Check for Updates" when "About Eraser" says is already installed? I did notice that the core plugin is version, not
Ah, I see why now: the code is indeed reporting 6.0.9 to the server. I'll fix the code but I don't think at this point it is worth the effort pulling the version from SourceForge, building another version and re-releasing another 6.0.10.

Please comment if you think the version should be withdrawn, and include reasons please (so far this is the most major issue, and it does seem to be cosmetic in nature)
Version checking fixed in r2719.