Many problems running eraser program



I have taken your suggestion and downloaded directly from I tried running the eraser program on my Local Hard Drive C. It ran for 50 hours, but seemed to fail. I could hear my CPU working continuously with a "buzz" but apparently nothing happened. I went into my computer search and found multiple copies of Eraser. I tried deleting some of them, but it reads "file not accessible."

Now, the icon I worked hours to place on my Desktop is gone. I cannot run the Eraser program. I am having problems accessing other areas on my computer. This program is quite complicated to download, install and run. I went through the usual Windows XP installation wizard. It seem to work okay. I still can find the Eraser program on my control panel, so it has not been taken off my computer.

Can anyone provide a step-by-step process for checking Eraser and making it work? Do I need to uninstall eraser and reinstall. I am afraid I have several installations, so that will be very difficult. I do not think that taking it off my control panel completely eliminates the product from my computer.

I'd sure appreciate any help or suggestions, or a number I can call for help from the inventer/supplier.