May Eraser be limited to erase only unsued space?


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Dear Gentlepersons,

I am looking for a utility that, among other features such as wiping an entire hard drive, may be configured (limited; set) to wipe only unused space. This would include files and file fragments that had been deleted but whose contents were still recoverable on the hard drive. May Eraser be configured to wipe only unused space on a drive? Thank you.

Richard Weimar
That is what Eraser's unused space erasing does. It does not touch non-deleted files (except, by default, to erase their cluster tips; this can be switched off, and arguably should be on a system (C:) drive).

Note that erasing free space is usually time-consuming, and should ideally be done with all other running programs (especially anti virus) disabled. If you have a heavily fragmented drive (again, especially a syatem drive), it may help the erasing process to defragment the drive before you run Eraser.

More details are in the FAQ topic 'Getting to know Eraser 6'.