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Mrs. Calabash

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Does Eraser remove obsolete entries from the Master File Table?
If so, when? Only at the time of a file's deletion, anytime any file is deleted, etc.
Does Eraser compact and/or defragment the MFT?
TIA for your response.
spy1 said:
I use a combination of NTREGOPT ( ) and PageDefrag ( ... efrag.mspx ).

I have PageDefrag set to run at every boot and I usually run NTREGOPT once daily.

Both programs are free and neither require the .Net framework. Pete
is there any beneficial reason to defrag and use NTREGOPT as often as once a day? I usually do both about once a fortnight, though I rarely save anything to my computer and mainly use it for the internet and usenet.

I run an "on demand" Eraser wipe (eg Firefox cache) about once every 2 days and do a free space wipe once a week. I also run CCleaner about once every 2 days and then do a registry backup with ERUNT about once a month - perhaps I should do that more frequently though.
Hi, Robbie! Guess it depends on what your definition of "beneficial" is.

Basically it's just a habit I've gotten into to keep this old computer as lean, clean and mean as it still can be by totally eliminating as much un-necessary junk as possible on a daily basis and to prevent any potential registry conflicts/problems by removing any entries that really don't need to be there.

I try a lot of different programs out on a regular basis, keeping the registry cleaned up is just about a "must" here. Pete