missing digital signature for 32-bit eraser 5.86a?


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I'm new to this forum. I hope someone can help with this one (searched on digital and signature - found nowt).

Upon unzipping EraserSetup32.exe (for Eraser v 5.86a), I can't see a .sig file anywhere. "Install Eraser by double clicking on the windows installer file, "EraserSetup.exe". The archive contains a digital signature for the setup program so you can verify its authenticity. "

Am I being dumb?
SuffolkPunch said:
Am I being dumb?

Nope you are not being dumb, unfortunately the website is out of date and full of inaccuracies, pgp signing is not used. Hashes are the closest thing you will get and even then they were only introduced in 5.87-beta1. Overwriter did post hashes for 5.86a but I believe they are based on what he downloaded from the site rather than the original so can not really be trusted
SuffolkPunch said:
How hard can it be to provide a PGP digital signature for each version of Eraser?

Not overly although judging by the fact that Joel* only started supplying hashes after people requesting them it isn't/wasn't high on his list of priorities to provide a way to ensure we are getting what we expect.

SuffolkPunch said:
Why do Heidi list their PGP key?

Legacy, the web site as you'll notice if you browse around it is very much out of date. It seems to have been abandoned in favor of the forums here.

I'm sure it will eventually get sorted out and things will get updated or discarded.

* Joel is the developer currently working on eraser and does not work for Heidi.
Actually the final releases do not need to have signatures as they include the Windows version of it - authenticode. All final releases are signed with the Heidi key and should not require a hash. Only my beta builds require hashes as I do not have the Heidi key.