missing disk space and log file


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I am running Windows 7 64 bit. and Eraser 6.08. I have a 500 gb drive that has 231 gb free. I ran eraser on 30 files that were roughly 200-250 MB each. At the end of the process I emptied my recycle folder as well. I still have only 231 gb free. I looked at the faq page mention missing free space after a wipe free space and do not beleive that applies as i could not find folders/files that apply. Also where are log files created? I looked at the help pdf file and it mentions that a log file gets generated for errors BUT what if there are no errors? Does that mean no log file is generated?

Most likely it is stuck in a Shadow Copy/System Restore point. You should clear (and disable) those if you want to have your space "back."

Eraser cannot erase copies protected by the system (that's the whole point of protecting by the system, isn't it?)
Thanks for the answer. What about the 2nd question about the log file? Also on files that I erase is there a way to make the file names delete so they are not available in a program like recuva?

thanks again!
Yes, do an unused space erase.