Missing erasure methods


I just installed the lastes stable eraser build available from this homepage. I use Windows XP. After the installation routine had installed the .net-framewirk the installation of eraser itself completed without any failure notice. When I run eraser, it says that default file erasure method, default ununsed space erasure method and randomness data source hold invalid values and that they will be reset to naive default values. In the setting menu, the pulldown menue for these three entries don't contain any values at all. That is, it has no file erasure method, no unused disk space erasure method and no randomness data source.

I reran the installation routine and chose the repair option which again completed without any failure notice. But the problem persists.

Can anybody suggest a solution?


Even if the symptoms described are not quite the same as yours, I think that this is the FAQ topic you need.