Missing hard disk space + unusual files in C:\


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I have also noted missing hard disk space after running eraser 5.8.7 (erase free space with pseudorandom data, not first/last 2k bug). I had to stop the erasing process near the end so I don't know if that's what did it.

I rebooted, ran chkdsk as suggested, but several GB still missing. I am running Windows 7 64 bit.

I also noticed that there were 11 files in c:\. All files were exactly 422,707,200 bytes. They had names of IKEEXT.DLL, imagesp1.dll, imgutil.dll, imm32.dll, infocardapi.dll, input.dll, Internationalization_el.dll, Internationalization_nl.dll, Magnify.exe, mshtmled.dll and wcncsvc.dll. All of these files also exist in C:\Windows\System32, but the sizes are must smaller. Did eraser create these files in order to fill up the disk space, but then left them in c:\ when the process was stopped? Can they be deleted? There is no file name ~erafswd.tmp.
Yes I would reckon you can delete those files.