missing help files


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Recently downloaded eraser but found the help files were missing. Acrobat reader said 'the file is damaged and could not be repaired. As a novice user I am unable to proceed ewithout instruction on what to do. Help
Check whether your download is digitally signed, and the validity of the signature. What version of Adobe Acrobat are you using?

sorry but I can't answer the question about digital signiture or validity (I don't know how to do this and it isn't obvious how to). My Acrobat is v5.1.0...
It was Joel that answered last, but I guess my answer would be the same as his. Download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader. The version you are using is way out of date and has a number of well known (to malware writers) security flaws. The Eraser Help file should open correctly with the latest version of Reader (9.3.1, I think).