Missing Icon in context menu by right click on ZIP file


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Dear readers,

This minor issue shows up in Eraser version 6.07.1893 as well as 6.08.2273.

A search in this forum didn't show any more observations of this behaviour, only the issue of a missing icon in add/remove window is mentioned.

If I understand you correctly, the context menu item is present, but there is no Eraser icon in the menu; this is for ZIP files only, and the icon is present for other types of files. I cannot reproduce this error on my Windows 7 machine; the icon is present in all cases. Which OS version are you using?

Windows sometimes regards ZIP files as a form of folder. Do you get the icon when you right click on ordinary folders?

Thank you for searching before you posted. As far as I recall, we have had no previous reports of this particular issue.

Hello DavidHB,

You understand me correctly.
The OS is Windows XP Home SP3.
Right clicking on ordinary folders gives the correct Eraser Icon.
For the ZIP-files I get no icon, than the word Eraser, with a sub menu containing the phrases Erase and Erase on Restart.

Using NirSofts ShellExView I did check the properties for the Eraser Shell Extension for Context Menu. For the file extensions there is listed : *, .lnk, .URL, Directory, Drive, Folder, InternetShortcut, lnkfile.

Maybe this is of any help.

Thanks for your reaction.
I wondered if you were running XP, as context menu issues seem to be more common with XP than with later versions of Windows. It seems to be an issue with the way the Windows Installer works in XP. The problems are rather difficult to reproduce; for instance, the context menu on my old XP (also SP3) laptop correctly shows the Eraser icon when opened for ZIP files.

XP was quite picky with context menu icons, it had to be drawn by Eraser and not all folders allow it. If the context menu appears without an Eraser icon, chances are the system does not expose the interface for us to draw the icon.

Vista+ should be unaffected, however.