Missing operating sys


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In a hurry to clean a hard drive before recycling a 2011 Dell Inspiron, I downloaded and ran Eraser free version on the C: drive of the computer. (I realize now I shouldn't have done that.) I chose the option for erasing the entire drive to avoid having to select files or folders. The program ran for several hours (it showed 60% done after about 5 hours when I went to bed). When I got up in the morning, the computer black screen had one line showing "Missing operating sys" and it won't reboot even if I put a Windows operating system DVD or a system recovery DVD in the DVD tray.

Can I be sure that all personal data and files were deleted? If not, is there anything I can now do to reboot the computer and do it right this time?

Thank you for any advice you can provide (besides "read the manual before running Eraser again")?
The best option is to download dban and burn it to CD, then boot from that and wipe the drive. Running eraser on the C drive gets messy as it cannot erase files in use so you cannot fully wipe the C drive.