Momentary freezing of the cursor


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I have what currently appears to be an odd issue in relation to the interaction of Eraser and Eset Nod32. After Nod32 has run a scan, the cursor will from time to time momentarily freeze for perhaps a quarter to half of a second as I move it across the screen. I can fix it by exiting Eraser or by restarting. And it seems to recur after a Nod 32 scan has commenced, and to continue after it has finished until I exit Eraser or restart. I have not analysed it very fully, but thought I would mention it. Please let me know if you have a solution.
If this is v6.0.6 then it is likely fixed in a nightly build.
Thanks Joel. That has fixed the problem. The problem occurred with v6.0.6.1376 (a stable build) and was fixed by replacing it with v6.1.0.1884.
Ironically, build 1884, which I am currently testing, seems a good deal more 'stable' than build 1376.

Hah! I just love forums. I didn't have to post my problem cos' here it is.
Downloading the nightly build as I type.
Now I just need to say THANK YOU! ;)