More About 5.86a and Win98


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I've pretty much read the various posts concerning problems with 5.86a and Win 98. The error message I happen to get is:

"The procedure SHGetFolderPathA could not be located in DLL Shell32.dll"

I note that the suggested fix is to use 5.7. That is not a fix. That's a workaround and a step backwards.

It would be nice to know if there's a genuine fix that allows 5.86a to be used on Win98 or if there's a fix in progress that will eventually allow it.

However, if 5.7 is end of life for Win 98 I should think it would be nice if all the places on the website that say 5.86a works with Win 98 are corrected rather than to deceive people into an install that is going to fail. Even if 5.7 is not end of life with Win 98 I think the claim that a version above 5.7 is compatible with Win 98 should be removed from the site until it actually is.
You should install the latest IE supported by your version of Windows. That should update your version of shell32.dll present.

Do let me know if that helps.

Well, as far as I know I do have the latest version of IE for Win98SE.

Internet Explorer 6.0.2008.1106 with SP1 and all available updates/patches.