More C drive Space Used after using Eraser


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Currently using Eraser 5.7. After using Eraser my used space on the hard drive increases by about 1.5 GB. Following the Eraser FAQs I can eliminate the extra hard drive space used by clearing all my Restore Points.

I am assuming that the Temp file(~erafswd.temp) created by Eraser is not being deleted and somehow ends up in a System Restore point.

I have two questions:

1) By deleting all the Restore points doesn't the ~erafswd.temp file get dumped back on the free space on the hard drive thereby putting a lot of the data the user wanted erased back on the hard drive???

2) What would happen to the ~erafswd.temp file if Eraser did not successfully delete it on completion of the Eraser operation if System Restore was turned off before running Erase??