movie clips fail to erase


I've used Eraser successfully for many years on my old Win 98 PC, but having problems with it on my new Vista Basic.
It will not erase video clips on C: drive, but will erase them from a flash drive. Am using version 586a.
Windows can have a habit of locking files if the preview in explorer is on. I am not sure where this setting is disabled in Vista but hopefully this should give you a little more to go on and resolve your problem.

Temporarily you could use unlocker to unlock the files as required when erasing
Thanks to jackjack: I reviewed Unlocker 187 and deferred, preferring to use Sure Delete, ( until Eraser is revised. Meanwhile we Vista users may have to find alternatives.
GregM said:
I reviewed Unlocker 187 and deferred

Why ?

I am pleased you have found an Eraser alternative that you like and trust. I personally believe Eraser, especially V6 will be the industry standard, free and open source.

Honestly, when V6 is released there will be so much peer review I doubt anything will come close to Eraser but I am a little biased ! Joel is one of those “gifted” people who I believe will deliver the goods.

Perhaps when V6 is released you might like to invite the writers of Sure Delete to comment on V6 or perhaps say why Sure Delete is in any way better.

As I say, whatever program you decide to use for you data privacy I doubt you will enjoy the same feeling of security as Eraser users do.

Please keep checking back and as soon as V6 is released give it a try, you may be surprised !