Mozilla firefox trax



It would be nice if there was an automatic option to ERASE Firefox browser tracks, without necessarily knowing where the FIREFOX's cookies, History, Temporary Internet Files, etc. are.
By the way, as an old IE6 user, I knew there were some .dat files that were only ERASABLE in DOS mode. Is there any similar question regarding Firefox?
This first suggestion might possibly be difficult I would think,as the Firefox Profile name is "salted"(randomly selected) to help prevent access by a virus,and the history,cache etc. is contained therein.
Not sure why DOS is needed to erase any Firefox file,as Eraser can readily be set up for such tasks. Cache,cookies,history and downloads being the browser tracks you mean I guess.
Firefox's random profile subdirectory feature is a joke. It doesn't protect a damned thing.

The shareware utility PurgeFox does what you want, and it automatically finds your profile directory (just as any malware can).
To prove how stupid Firefox and Mozilla's random profile directory convention is, I can write a simple batch file that finds and displays it for you! Idiotic...