Multi-user environment


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I'm running Eraser 5.82 on Windows XP +SP2 with one administrator account and four limited accounts. The hard drive is 80GB with 30GB free.

When erasing unused disk space, is it necessary to run Eraser separately in each user's account, or will running it in my administrator account erase all other users' deleted files?

When I did the first run to erase unused disk space (having first run CCleaner) I set the preferences to do one run to overwrite using pseudorandom data, including the cluster tips and directory entries. This took around eight hours. I then tried overwriting the cluster tips only, which took 2 hours 40 minutes. Is it OK to do two separate runs, the first to clear the cluster tips and the second to overwrite deleted files freespace, or should they normally be run at the same time?

While Eraser is erasing unused disk space my McAfee Security Center pops up several warnings regarding changes to my startup folder and registry keys, including eraser.exe being called up (and also Adobe Gamma Loader.exe , though I can't see the connection). Is this normal? Should I go off-line and disable McAfee before running Eraser?

I'd be grateful for any advice.